20 Jul 2017

Virgin Media - All The Football

The Mill - CG Lead

Canon - Live for the Story

The Mill - 3D Artist - Just the one shot at 32 seconds.

7 May 2017

Virgin Media - Delivering Awesome

The Mill - 3D Artist - Virgin Media's Delivering Awesome advert directed by Sam Brown. This was a fun project to be part of. My work involved tunnel extension and CG cars!

Dyson - Supersonic Advert

The Mill - 3D Artist - Worked on the interior of the hairdryer, spinning motor, micro chip etc

5 May 2017

Thunderbirds Halifax : Making Of

The Mill - 3D Artist - My work at 3 min 13 sec

Thunderbirds Halifax Advert

The Mill - 3D Artist - Worked on Penelope's car and Penelope's mansion interior and Parker outside the bank!

11 Aug 2016

Showreel 2016

Castrol Edge - Clone Rival

Lookdev on the $2.3 million dollar Aston Martin Vulcan

John Lewis - Man On The Moon

Fortunate to work on such a big advert. Balloons and present are all mine!

Honda - Ignition

Moved from Double Negative to The Mill! Plane and F1 modelling/texturing plus more...Great first project!